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Inglorious Basterds-Hans Landa Story

An Inglorious Basterds & Hans Landa Fic

“Lieutenant!” Sgt.Donny Donowitz stormed into the bunker where Aldo sat sharpening his beautiful silver weapon. He looked back in the reflection of the blade and smiled.

“What is it Donny can’t you see I’m a little PRE-OCUPIED” His thick Tennessee accent echoed off the walls.

“You are gonna wanna see what me and Omar found while we were on an ambush” Donny smiled cheekily and urged his Lieutenant to see what delights he had brought back for him.

“This better be fucking worth it” He pulled out his snuff box, took a hit and stood up aggressively tucking it back into his inside coat pocket. Stood up with force and followed Donny out to the courtyard. The Bastards had set up temporary camp in an old bunker which once was used as a Nazi contact base for traveling enlisted men and officers scouting for any enemies of the state. When the Bastards found out about this place, well they just had to take it and it in their usual fashion, killed maimed and set up camp. The metal door swung open and Aldo was greeted by a sight he wasn’t expecting.

Sgt.Stiglitz and Corporal Wicki, welding their rifles stood either side of a Woman, he stared at her womanly curves showing through a blood stained dark green coat and black shirt. They looked far too oversized for her, men’s pants and black military boots. Her hair was blonde, or would be if it wasn’t so dirty and drenched in blood. Her eyes were a piercing blue, and under the grime and blood she had some pretty striking features on her face. Well hell on a good day Aldo was sure this little thing could scrub up nicely, all he wanted to know was what the fuck she was doing here. He noticed her hands were tied behind her back. She must be a Nazi spy he thought. She had the hair…the eyes, she looked like a prisoner, she looked pretty fucking pissed off as well.

“Me and the boys found this cutie pie getting pretty fucking nasty with a big rock…the bottom of her boots and the jaw of a pretty upset Nazi” Donny’s eyes danced with excitement as he remembered the moment he saw the woman, curb stomping the fuck out of a Nazi guard.

The young woman had just finished off 2 guards she had led into the woods.

This is what happened prior.

Promising that the two of them could have their way with her, she took them deep into the thick of the trees where wasting no time she quickly drew a gun from her torso and shot them in the knee caps. Blood sprayed all over the legs and boots as the two writhed in pain. She kicked their rifles away and tied their hands behind their backs. The woman pulled one of the guards over to her freshly places rock. He screamed and writhed in pain as she dragged him. Her strength was almost unbelievable.  She shot him again in the arms and rested one of her boots on the back of his neck as she forced him to bite down onto the rock. She pointed a gun at the other guard whose screams must have been audible by now. She knew she had to act quickly.

“HEY, HEY….Halten Sie die Augen offen, Wenn Sie das nicht tun werde ich Sie zwischen ihnen zu schießen“ (HEY, HEY Keep your eyes open, if you do not I will shoot between them)

She told him to shut up and pointed the gun down at the guard who was preparing himself for an unpleasant end. She pressed her boot harder into the back of his neck.

“Gute Nacht” (Good night) she gently said and brought her foot down to the back of his head. It took a couple attempts but she managed to break off his jaw with minimal fuss from him. But this wasn’t enough, she kept smashing her boot over and over into the back of his skull, she moved his corpse from the rock and began to smash her boot into his bloodied mess of a face, leaving the jaw of the guard in a pool of blood and dirt. Blood flew into her face and clothes. She stopped, she heard a branch break….she turned quickly and shot the guard between his eyes, and pointed her pistol in the direction of the noise….Donny came from the bushes holding his hands up.

“Hey darling….pretty fine work you did there” He opposed no threat, but she didn’t not lower her gun, nor did she speak.

“We’re on your side Frau Kick Ass” He kept this stupid grin on his face while examining her beautiful work. She began to lower her gun slowly. Then suddenly Sgt.Stiglitz grabbed her from behind. She dropped her gun and squirmed and kicked, but his grip just grew tighter the more she fought it.

“So she’s not a Nazi….” Aldo took out his snuff box once again taking the small lump of powder up his nostrils, examining her more closely now. She didn’t break her stare from the men in front of her.

“As far we know she’s a Nazi hating crazy ass bitch….she did a real good number on the guards….we got their scalps and made our way back quickly…she wasn’t exactly quiet when she did her deed, but she hasn’t said a word….I’m not untying her until she speaks….we assumed she would want to talk to you Lieutenant” He nodded then stood inches from her.

“You heard of us little lady” Nothing….her piercing blue eyes looked straight into his.

“You should have….We’re the ones those pecker suckers call the Basterd, I would like to know exactly what you were doin’ in them woods….why you were doin’ it….and why I shouldn’t just slit your throat right here….they say you were speaking German…you a German…you a Nazi….now I need ya to be real honest with me…or Imma cut out those perdy little eyes of yours” She swallowed spit and opened her mouth.

“Well as I like my eyes….I guess I’ll have to abide” This little lady’s English was perfect….but her accent was unnoticeable to Aldo
“She’s Polish” Sgt.Stiglitz said looking at her. She nodded silently.

“How in the fuck did you get out of Poland?” Donny questioned.

“You don’t want to know…all you need to know is that I’ve been posing as a French barmaid in the town, my papers are in my satchel which you have hold of still, My name is Kamila Szoma….i have heard of you….I’ve seen enlisted men cower at the sound of your names….The Apache….The Bear Jew…I want those men to cower at my name….and my presence….the only way I can get to them is to flaunt what god gave me”

“Are you Jewish?”  Omar asked.

“What do you think…?” She rolled her eyes at him he nodded and gripped his gun tighter. Aldo nodded at Wicki to cut the rope on her wrists. She moved her arms in front of her and rubbed one of her wrists. Omar threw her satchel over to her, catching it she smiled and pulled out a silver cigarette box.

“Why don’t you come inside and we can get….acquainted” Aldo turned and signalled for her to follow. She stuck a cigarette in her mouth lit it and stormed in behind him.

She sat on a cold slab of concrete and looked up at Aldo and Donny walk back and forth in front of her.

“Look…as much we like that you support the cause….i don’t think we need us a woman slowing us down”

“Sgt.Donowitz you saw what I did to those guards….I think I’m more than qualified to kill fucking Nazis”

“It was pretty impressive” Donny smiled at Kamila and she exhaled cigarette smoke.

“You know LT….I’ve got a pretty insane idea which might bag us someone we’ve been wanting for a while”

“You’re not saying”
“Fuck yeah I’m saying” Aldo then slammed his hands down on the table in front Kamila and lent in.

“You say that you a….your papers say you’re a French barmaid, well I know for a fact that a certain Hans Landa, Col. Hans Landa to be precise is in the area and YOU’RE going to use what…god gave ya!”

“Seriously….The Jew Hunter…..you’re sending a Polish Jew….to entrap the fucking Jew Hunter…..” She stubbed out her cigarette onto the concrete and stood up.

“Look we need to know you’re going to be a valuable member of the team, see it more as an initiation, we’ll get you back into town clean you up….you have this phone number to contact us, if you using a pay phone make sure no cock sucking Nazi basterd is behind you or near you, You bring me the scalp of the Jew Hunter….then you’re in sister…”

Kamila Szoma, is a polish woman of about 5ft 2 inches and of Jewish faith. She was born in Warsaw in 1927 making her 23 years old. She is the youngest of 6 brothers. Her Mother died in child birth. Her Father taught her how to fight and hunt, and strengthened her for manual labour. She worked in a metal works factory making joints and bolts for machinery from the age of 12. She managed to escape Poland just after the invasion in 1939….her father and brothers did not. She never speaks of how she got out, and what she went through getting to France….and it shall stay that way.

Kamila uses the Identity Renée Allard, her papers look 100% authentic, and so they should they cost 100’s to purchase. She learned to speak English and French while a child in Poland…her German is still a working progress, but only speaks it when ending her victim’s lives usually.

After two long days of traveling Kamila returned to the bar in which she worked and also lived above with the owner Henry Baudin. He has safely taken care of Kamila for many years since she arrived in France. Her goals always clear to him, to assassinate as many Nazi’s as she could. If people asked she was her mother’s lover, and since her death swore to take care of poor Renée. Give her a job and a home.

“Je suis de retour, Henry je dois vous parler maintenant!” (I’m Back, Henry I must speak to you now!)

“Oui Kamila, être rapide, je dois ouvrir la taverne bientôt, ce qui s’est passé?”

(Yes Kamila, be quick, I have to open the tavern soon, what happened?)

“Il apparaît sur mon expédition la plus récente …, j’ai rencontré les Basterds. Ils m’ont recruté comme leur espion”

(It appears that on my latest….expedition I met the Basterds, and they have recruited me as their spy)

“Quoi! les Basterds …. qu’allez-vous faire pour eux … je ne pense que vous devriez faire quelque chose pour ces hommes, ils sont irrationnels, dangereux. Il est assez mauvais ce que vous faites maintenant, sans leur encouragement”

(WHAT! The Basterds…what are you doing for them, I don’t think you should do anything for these men, their irrational and dangerous. It’s bad enough what you do now without their encouragement)

“Henry S’il vous plaît!, Je dois le faire cette  …. On m’a dit de tuer et de ramener le cuir chevelu du colonel nazi Hans Landa de la SS”

(Henry please! I have to do this, I was told to kill and bring back the scalp of the Nazi Colonel Hans Landa of the SS)

“Kamila c’est la folie!”

(Kamila this is madness!)

“Les Basterds me dire qu’il sera en ville ce soir, c’est là que je vais faire mon déménagement”

(The Basterds tell me he will be in town tonight, that’s when I make my move)

“Kamila…” Suddenly the frosted glass doors of the Tavern rattled and banged.  They could see the outline of some Nazi officers. Kamila ran behind the bar and tied her apron across herself in a hurry, she knelt down and made sure her knife was securely in her bootstrap. Henry pulled the doors open.

Two officers walked in taking off their hats.

“Zwei Ihrer besten Biere, schnell!“

(Two of your finest beers, quickly)

They took a seat at a booth in the corner and Kamila watched them intently pouring the beer…slowly….making sure the head was the correct height. She placed them carefully on a tray and walked over. Placing two napkins down and putting the beers in front of them.

“Danke Fräulein ….” One officer said without even looking up at her. She nodded silently and walked back to the bar. She shook with complete anticipation. Working the plan to trap the Colonel in her mind, wondering how long it would be until he came here. The Tavern was the nicest in town; they didn’t tolerate drunks or crude behaviour. It was somewhere the colonel would certainly visit.  She cleaned glasses and served Nazi’s and petite French women for the rest of the afternoon and evening. She couldn’t understand how these women could stand to be near these men….Kamila had a hard enough time just serving drinks to them.

She looked at the clock in the back room smoking…the time was 9:15pm….she hoped deeply that her prey would enter soon. Taking in the smoke letting it soothe her nerves she kept thinking about that Nazi she killed last. How his brain covered her boots….how it made her feel. How it made her feel free and liberated. She was doing this for all the Jews killed by the hands of this Scum. Suddenly a roar of boots slamming onto the ground and chairs scraping on the floor was heard. She turned slowly and looked through to the doors of the Tavern. A highly decorated Nazi man stood wearing a long leather coat, and the most stunning yet sickening Colonel’s uniform. That must be him.  She threw the cigarette away, straightened her apron and quickly ran to the bar….

She stood behind the bar looking down, playing the coy frightened barmaid. She didn’t see him remove his hat and coat, place it gently on an empty table in the corner and take a seat. The other Nazi men took their seats again and continued their drinking and conversing. Henry pushed Kamila from behind the bar. She shook with such excitement yet also fear. She took a note pad and stuck the pencil in the paper, scrawling nervously. Her boots walking across the wooden floor and her heart beat were the only things she could hear. She stood and looked down at him; he had some paper work in front of him and was rapping his fingers on the wooden table top. His profile was something magnificent and his presence chilled everyone in the room.  His eyes slowly wondered up and looked at her. For a moment he just looked at her no expression. His eyes were scanning her face and body, then a small smile crept across his lips.

“Bonjour, mademoiselle, je vais prendre un verre de vin rouge de  …. s’il vous plait”

(Hello Miss, I’ll take a glass of red wine….please)

His gaze did not leave her…..he stared deeply at her. This froze her soul. She felt like she was melting like her whole world was ending. She never expected to be so struck by him.

“Oui, bien sûr colonel”

(Yes,of course Col.)

As Kamila went to turn away his hand snatched her arm. Now, she would of loved to have pulled her knife from her boot and slit the son of a bitches throat…..thinking about it made her grow warm inside….however the touch of Col. Hans Landa left her motionless…almost shaking like a leaf.

“En fait, pourriez-vous m’apporter une bouteille de rouge …. parce que sûrement un verre ne peut pas être partagé entre nous mademoiselle ….”

(In fact, Could you bring me a bottle of red …. because surely a glass cannot be shared between us miss ….)

“Vous souhaitez me joindre à vous ce soir, le colonel?”

(you want me to join you this evening Col.?)

“Je sais que mon français n’est pas parfait, mais je suis sûr que je vous ai demandé de me rejoindre. Je serais offensé si vous n’avez pas … Je ne vais pas demander à nouveau“


(I know that my French is not perfect, but I’m sure I asked you to join me. I would be offended if you do not….I will not ask again)

His words, his stern terrifying words made her heart almost stop. In all the years she had been killing Nazi’s she never met one who actually….terrified her.

He pulled from his jacket a beautiful cigarette box with an engraving etched on….she couldn’t make out the German written on it. Must have been a gift she thought tucking her pencil behind her ear and her pad in her apron. She watched him carefully place a cigarette in his mouth….and light it. All the while watching it burn and the smoke leave his lips.

“je vais me joindre à vous-colonel, il serait mon plaisir”

(I will join you Col. It would be my pleasure)

“S’il vous plaît, appelez-moi Hans … et quel est votre nom …. doit être quelque chose aussi belle que votre visage …”

(Please, call me Hans….and what is your name…..must be something as beautiful as your face)

She felt sick….but also flattered and she found herself blushing from his words. Her hands began to sweat…..and she swallowed down her fears.

“Renée Allard” Her voice cracked and whispered to him. He abruptly took his cigarette out from his mouth and held it with his right hand…and wit his left hand he took hold of hers and he pulled the back of her soft delicate hand towards his lips…and planted the softest however most invigorating kiss on it. Her stomach turned so much….she tried to hard not to vomit….she felt dirty….she felt unclean, how ever felt a slight unhappiness when he pulled away.

“Plaisir de vous rencontrer Renée …. maintenant se dépêcher avec nos boissons …”

(Pleasure to meet you Renée….now hurry with our drinks)

He ushered her away to get the wine…She walked back over to the bar so slowly…she felt like her skin was tingling…and itched profusely. She was sweating so much she had to spray herself with some perfume….she pulled her hair out from under the hat she wore and let it fall to her shoulders. She took off her apron and took the bottle….all the while shaking like mad. Henry grabbed her arm.

“Ne le crains …. il est juste un homme …. comme tous les autres que vous avez tués avant …

(Do not fear him….he is just a man….like all the others you have killed before)

She nodded silently and smiled. Tears built in her eyes. This would be her finest moment….killing such a decorated officer….The Jew Hunter….she composed herself and rushed back over….it was time to start playing the woman he would want to fuck, instead of the cowering barmaid.

She place two freshly clean glasses on the table and the bottle of wine….she then sat carefully in front of him smiling. His cigarette was almost finished….but he wasted no time in offering her one.

“Cigarette Renée?”  He held out in front of her the case….she nodded and took one carefully; he then snatched it from her hand. She almost jumped from her seat.  She feared that she had already blown it with him…..but all he wanted to do was to place it on her lips….and light it. All the while looking into her eyes, she didn’t break the contact between them, even after she inhaled the smoke and blew it up into the dense air.

“Mlle Allard semble que mon français est tout sauf fatigué …. parlez-vous anglais?”

(Miss Allard it seems my French is all but worn out….do you speak English?)

“Yes….very well actually” Kamila feared that she would give herself away. In French her Polish accent was unnoticeable but in English…perhaps not…Sgt.Stiglitz knew straight away, So she did her French accent as best she could….and prayed that he was too engulfed in her said “beauty” to notice.

“Excellent….now….please allow me” He pulled the top off the wine and poured a little in each glass. He tested it….and smiled at her widely.

“Bravo…. Renée excellent choice” He poured more and she smiled while the cigarette rested in her hand.

“So you are a Col. of the SS….you must be so brave” Kamila sipped her wine and shuddered as it entered her…warming her. She thought light conversation would be best to start with.

“Actually these are for my Detective work….it seems that I really am the best of the best….you must have heard of me in some way…perhaps not the most….pleasant of ways…”
“No I’m ashamed to say I haven’t Hans….” She smiled looking over her glass. Giving him a look of utter lust, she wondered how long till she could tease him with her legs and feet.

“I was appointed to capture enemies of the state and execute them……they call me…The Jew Hunter…because that’s precisely what I am….and I could not be prouder of my unofficial title….” He removed his paper work from the table, put it in his bag and sat backwards relaxing. Those words made the hairs on the back of Kamila’s neck stand on end. She was finding it hard to compose her hatred and desperate need to hurt him….

“Wonderful…it’s lovely to see you so proud of your work”

“You like what I do Renée”?” A slight frown grew across his face…..she then reacted with a simple sweet smile.

“I like how important you are….I like that in a man….a man of stature….you are surely a man of good taste and great importance” She took another long drag of the cigarette and watched the light in his eyes flicker while he watched her lips purse around the smoke.  He felt a deep desire for this woman, there was no denying it….he wondered what she would look like naked….tied up on his bed in his temporary home up away from the town. He had been ordered here because there was word The Basterds were close by. He wanted nothing more than to capture them once and for all, really proving himself as the great detective he so surely was. But his mind was focused on one thing for now….it had been so long since he had anybody in his bed….he longed to smell her hair while he fucked her from behind in the ally way behind the Tavern….his mind danced with sordid images of the woman sat before him.

“So I hope I am not being too forward in asking….is that your father…or your husband….either way will he be upset if I were to ask you to accompany for dinner tomorrow evening?” He lent forward engaging Kamila more so. She looked over.

“Would you be upset Hans if I told you he was my husband….or my lover….would that hurt you” She smoked the last tiny bit and stubbed it out onto wood. He looked at her with the most menacing of look, staring straight through her.

“Maybe I should have been clearer Mademoiselle….you will accompany me tomorrow night….understood?” It shot through her like an ice cold bullet. She was losing her courage fast. This man was no man….he was a monster….

She giggled nervously and nodded.

“Yes of course” She needed another drink….fast. She poured more wine….trying to contain her nerves. She supressed her shakes as best she could.

“Do I make you….anxious? Frightened?” He took the bottle from her and poured himself some more also.

“A little….but I thought you were supposed to make everyone feel like that….to strike fear into those less superior to you” He laughed….he laughed quite abruptly and loudly. It nerved her even more. She looked over to Henry confused and so terribly scared.

“Am I boring you” His voice boomed at her almost. She spun her head around back to face his.

“No, excuse me…I thought I heard Henry calling me”

“Well he shouldn’t be….he can clearly see we are having such a lovely time together….” His hand began to trail across the table towards hers. She wanted to pull it away…..but she feared for what his reaction would be. His fingers traced hers….his eyes darting towards her. She didn’t smile or frown….just sat there with a blank expression on her face. An expression of great fear, you could clearly see it in her eyes….he could clearly see it in her eyes.

The doors swung open and one of Landa’s escort soldiers came in, clicking his heel and requesting permission to speak. He granted it….Kamila heard the name Herrman in their conversation….and  the name Hellstrom too.

“Herr Col. . Ihr benötigt in einer Notsituation. durch den Antrag des  Major Dieter Hellstrom der Gestapo…in Paris“

(Herr Colonel….you are needed at an emergency situation by the request of Major Dieter Hellstrom of the Gestapo….in Paris)

The look of anger and disappointed swept Landa’s face, he looked at Kamila….and sighed….then he smiled almost sadistically.

“Have you ever been to Paris….”  She shook her head.

“But it’s only a few miles away….such a shame….was it because of the occupation of your country that has restricted you somehow….either way….I think you should come with me….because surely I couldn’t let you go that easily” the way he worded things was the most terrifying thing about him. Let you go….laughing when she implied she was inferior to him….did he know….did he know she was a Jewess.

“I will have to ask Henry…” Her lips quivered.

“Of course….”  She began to stand up slowly and turned on her heel. She explained what she was doing to Henry….he tried to protest….but after many years knew it was pointless. She packed a bag…..a light one. She knew she couldn’t take any of her weapons or torture devices…just took clothes, makeup and cigarettes. She kept the contact number in her underwear….making sure she could keep in contact with The Basterds.  She came down the stairs with her hat on….a long beautiful cream coat on over her old clothes. She had cleaned her face and made sure she was fairly respectable.

“Ah…you look lovely my dear….Herman will show you too the car outside…” Hans was now standing at the door, fully donned in his hat and coat. She nodded to Henry silently….he nodded back. Pressing his hand on her lower back he pushed her out of the door and to the beautiful black car. She looked back at the Tavern and sighed.

“Please my dear….you shouldn’t look so sad, my residence in Paris is wonderful, do not be so….worried” He got in the car next to her and pulled out two more cigarettes.  She shook her head slightly. He shrugged and began to smoke once more. Kamila wished for him to be silent the entirety of the the journey she could not stand the way he spoke….his presence was filling her with dread. She regretted her decision almost as soon as she made it. Was this all worth it she thought….then she remembered the faces of her family….her brothers and her father. The expression on their faces the day they stowed her away, the last look in their eyes…..the thought of what happened to them once she left them. It pained her….and the only way she could sooth herself was by killing this man….but she just didn’t know when she could strike….would she have to actually sleep with him or at least begin to ,to get him alone and vulnerable.

The Journey was short…but painful for Kamila…..she felt like his prisoner….maybe she was…she just didn’t know anymore. She could feel the blade in her boot and longed to use it on the men in this car….she wanted blood…she wanted it sprayed all over her….she wanted it spilled for the lives of those she had loved.  She balled her fists and closed her eyes.

“Now My dear…you will wait here for me while I attend to my business…you can have anything you like in the house…..help yourself to wine…food….have yourself a bath if you wish, I’ll have the house staff prepare the guest bedroom for you also”  She opened them and smiled at him.

“Oh Landa…you are such a gentleman…you really are spoiling me” She giggled and touched his hand. He smiled at her as the car stopped outside a beautiful building just outside the city centre. Herrman ran out of the car and opened Kamila’s door. She stepped out and thanked Herman while waiting for Landa to join her infront of the house.

“I won’t come inside….because I know won.t be able to leave…wait up for me…please….until later” He took her hand gently this time…and raised it to his freshly moistened lips.

“Au revoir Renée” He let her arm drop down and went back to the car. Herrman led opened the door where an elderly French butler stood. He clicked his heels and went back to serving the Col.

She walked in a looked up at the beauty of it….it was difficult to respect this man’s home…after all he wasn’t a man. The butler gave her a short tour of the house….as he had been awoken with the news of Landa’s guest. She could sense his displeasure and said she could manage for the rest of the night. He nodded silently and went back to his chambers….

Kamila ran her hands across the banister of the stairwell and looked for the guest bedroom.  She poked her head in a saw a very plain and simple room. This made her feel so much better as she feared that this deranged man would have German art and Nazi flags everywhere. Just a window,a dressing table, a single bed and to her up most pleasure…a telephone.

She dialled the number….

“Kamila?” Omar answered the call in seconds.

“Relay the message to the Lieutenant….I am in Paris….I am inside the home of the Jew hunter….I will contact you once more develops” She hung up….fearing she could have been heard. She laid back onto the bed and looked up.  She longed for home….even though life was hard….she had her family….and it was a hell of a lot easier than the lie she lived now. She closed her eyes…and remembered her father….taking her to the countryside and showing her how to wield a blade….how to slaughter. You cannot blame Kamila for her morbid thoughts….the sights she had witnessed and the experiences she had been through were solely to blame. But she liked how detached and violent she was….made what she did easier. She pulled her knife from her boots and hid it under her pillow.  She left her room with great caution. She wished to expect the rooms….find something maybe to get information on the Col. but every room was either locked or guarded by a German soldiers. She approached one.

“Excuse me….i wish to bathe…..can you tell me where the bathroom is” He nodded silently, clicked his heels and led her to the bathroom…one beautiful bathtub sat in the middle of the room. She filled it up with boiling hot water and clear liquid from an unmarked bottle. It smelt wonderful….like the Alps of France. This in some way soothed her. She began to strip down carefully. Her body covered in burns and scars on legs and lower back. She lowered herself in and sighed. Washing the grime from her body….she lulled her head back and more images of her latest conquest filled her deranged mind. She had this thing about blood….always have really even before she was disturbed.

She remembered when she first saw the blood spray from the rabbit she shot with her arrow. The way it painted the grass and the tree stump behind it. She remembered enjoying the sight of it. She never wanted to hurt people. Kamila was always so friendly and sweet to her neighbours. But when she hunted….she became a different girl all together. Even her brothers couldn’t skin and gut the animals the way she could. With minimal fuss and effort, she would watch the blood dance around her hunting knife and cover her petite hands….

The door swung open of the washroom and Kamila sat in in complete fear….almost urinating herself. She looked at the door and saw the Col. Standing before her, and he had already stripped most of his uniform…in fact he only stood in his pants boots and a grey shirt.  Had she really been alone in this house and in this bathtub for all this time….she watched him walk over to her and she covered her chest up with her arms….shaking….

“Don’t be so shy Renée…you feel comfortable enough to bathe in my home….you should feel comfortable for me to be present while you do it.” He rolled his sleeves up and continued to walk over until he had reached the bathtub. He knelt down to face her. His hands slowly dipped into the water, cupping some of the warm liquid he then poured it over her shoulders. She feared for her wellbeing….but every time he gently brushed her wet skin with his hands she would crave more. She didn’t understand what she was feeling, was it lust….she wasn’t sure. She knew she hated him….and she should be reeling from his touch. But she didn’t. This scared her the most. He then asked her so very softly but assertively to move her arms from her breasts. She sighed heavily….

“Please Hans…..I am a modest woman”

“I don’t want you to be a modest woman….I want you to be a naughty French girl…..that’s what I want….can you do that for me” His hand plunged into the water and grabbed her inner thigh before she could close her legs. She gasped in shock and slight sexual pleasure and her moist, throbbing bud ached. This was a new experience for her…..it was so shocking yet delightful she smiled through her gasp.

“You like that….don’t you….” He lent in closer towards Kamila…she nodded.  “Remove…your…arms” He waited patiently. She abided by him and moved her arms exposing her breasts. He gazed at them….glistening….nipples erected…he hoped from arousal and not from cold. His thumb trailed down her collar bone and down over the breasts and teased her right nipple. She thought about grabbing his head and attempting to drown him…but the guards would surely hear….and she wished not to be killed wet and naked. So she let him continue.

“I knew there was something I liked about you…..not just your hair and eyes….those are magnificent….but the fact you will do anything I say….you are the perfect woman” Kamlia did not agree so much…maybe Renée but NOT Kamila. She maintained cover and nodded.

“How could I resist such a…..wonderful man like yourself”
“Exactly….” He pressed down on her nipple harder…then began to pinch it slightly. She moaned in pleasure and slight pain. Tilting her head back and sliding down into the water, she smiled and felt his hand move down towards her womanhood. She suddenly froze up. She had never had a man touch her there before….Kamila was still pure….completely. She had never the time for a man or marriage.

“What is wrong” He whispered to her gently.

“I must tell you something”

“What….that you are still a Virgin girl….I know…..tis but another reason as to why I wanted you…you are so beautiful and…pure…..just how I like my women” He smiled and continued to make his way towards her delicate bud. He wasn’t gentle at all though. He pressed down on it hard and rubbed it so much the water began to splash everywhere. Kamila couldn’t contain the pleasure building inside…..or the sickness that grew. She wanted him to stop….she tried to fight it…but couldn’t. It felt too good. She couldn’t understand why she was letting The Jew Hunter pleasure her in his bathtub….

He stopped abruptly and pulled his arm out from the water. She looked up at him….like a lost child.

“However as much as I would love to take your pureness away from you….I’m still a gentleman…we must at least have dinner together….I will leave you in peace Renée….I will see you in the morning” He stood up and kissed the top of her head. Kamila couldn’t move she was almost shell shocked. Even after he left it took her near on 10 minutes to get out from the bathtub and make her way back to her room….

She paced her room wearing her long white nightgown….smoking a cigarette casually. However her thoughts were not so calm. She thought about sneaking into his room tonight silently killing the guards, slitting his throat while he slept or smothering him to death….it dawned on her though that perhaps….she wanted to go to dinner with him….and maybe she wanted to share his bed…..it would be so much more pleasurable if she were to kill him while he lay underneath her body. To ceremonially plunge her hunting knife into his chest and watch the light in his eyes fade to black….and his Nazi blood spray on her and his walls. She shuddered with excitement from the thought and ran to her temporary bed. She stubbed out the cigarette and laid in bed….which she slept better than she had her whole life. The sheets were the sweetest of cotton and the pillows were like clouds. She had no dreams or nightmares that night….just rest.

In fact the poor Kamila rested a little too well and she was abruptly woken by the harsh banging of the door. She sat up and called in the butler who was accompanied by Hans’s personal foot solider Herrman.

“Bon Matin Mlle Allard, le colonel Hans Landa souhaite prendre le petit déjeuner avec vous et discuter de ce qu’il voudrait vous faire aujourd’hui”

(Good Morning Miss Allard, the Col. Hans Landa would like you to join him for breakfast and to discuss what you are to do today)

“Merci” She nodded and watched the two leave her to get dressed. She pulled out her nicest daywear. She wore a black and gold buttoned dress. Not too fancy or long. It cut off just under the knees. Her tiny waist brought in by a golden belt. And black pumps to accommodate it. She pinned her hair up quickly but perfectly and applied light makeup. She placed a small black and gold feathered fascinator above her blonde locks and made her way down stairs. She saw him instantly sitting in the beautiful dining room, Tea, coffee, rolls, jam….traditional French pastries. All things she craved….but was too nervous to eat. He spotted her and stood up…brushing himself off. His wore a grey and earth coloured uniform, donning all his medals….how she wished to rip them off and shove them down his Nazi throat hole.

“Ah….a vision of perfection…Miss Allard how did you sleep?” He took her by her hands and greeted her with a kiss either side of her cheeks. She blushed, as she pulled her chair out for her and watched her carefully sit down.

She put a cigarette in her mouth within seconds of seating herself. She needed to relax. After last night she felt more uneasy than ever around him.  He stuck a lighter in front of her. The beautiful golden zippo’s flame danced in front of her cigarette.

“I have to attend a meeting regarding a Nazi officer who was murdered last night hence why I was called here….I want you to take the car and buy some new clothes for this evening is that understood” She nodded. “Good….” He continued to eat his pastry and drink his coffee. His eyes flicking over now and then to see her not eating, he grew angry.  She noticed this and grabbed a pastry and smiled bringing it towards her lips….she hated how this man made her do things, feel things. She just wanted to hurt him already…..

Herrman escorted her to the boutique. She pulled some gloves on her dainty hands and insisted he waited in the car while she shopped.

“But the Col. wishes me to accompany you”

“I’m sure we can keep it between us Herrman…..I won’t be long…I would feel uncomfortable if you were watching me try clothes on” She chuffed at him and went to open the door.

“I will wait outside then….” The fact that Hans had this man following her and watching her just furthered her suspicions that he didn’t trust her….or knew more than he was letting on…she walked in and sighed. Material things never interested Kamila…she was a simple woman of simple taste, growing up she had nothing….but in recent years since living her secret life….living the life of Renée Allard….she grew to love clothes and shoes….even wearing makeup was something Renée did more than Kamila. Kamila was the killer….the hunter…. Renée was just the charade, but Kamila always feared that she would be completely consumed by her character, a thought that hit her as she spotted a wonderful powdered blue crepe dress….she loved it so much…it made her heart flutter….but she knew she needed something more fancy. She scanned over to see a beautiful red ball gown….coming in at the waist and it flowed all the way to the ground. Black gloves accompanied it as well as a black fascinator to pin at the back of your hair. She picked it up and looked longingly at it. She didn’t need to try it on….she was having it…..

“All done…see” She skipped out of the boutique….and waited for Herrman to open the car for her.

“Merci” She curtsied like a child and slipped into the back of the car…

She waited once again until she was alone to make another phone call to The Bastereds.

“L.T I have a feeling I will be bringing you back that Jew Hunter piece of scums scalp sooner than you think….I will make my move….tonight”

So she prepared herself…..she bathed quickly and began to dress herself. She heard the Col. Come home but he did not disturb her….he waited for her to emerge from her room….fit for a ball.

She pinched her cheeks as she had ran out of rouge and applied red lipstick heavily. She slipped the gloves on slowly….watching her self intently. She could see only Renée at this point….not the scruffy Polish Jew girl she had always known. It saddened her.  She stood before the mirror….twirling. She looked over to the bed, she felt unsafe without her knife attached to her….but she had no way of keeping it on her…..so she kept it once again under the pillow.

She exited the room and began to walk down the stair case….her black heels clicking on the hardwood. She arrived at the bottom and waited for the Col. to exit the living area. The sliding doors pulled open in almost an explosive motion. Once again Kamila jumped from surprise.

He stood before her….fully decorated uniform once again….and with a menacing smile across his face he exclaimed…

“Renée…you wonderful magnificent creature….you look…breath taking” He took her hand and spun her around slowly to examine every last part of her. She smiled deeply….

“Thank you Col….you look dashing as ever” She shot him a cheeky smile and held onto his arm. Kamila reeled from being touched and caressed by him, it sickened her….however it seemed… Renée loved every moment, Kamila just wanted to get him alone and finish him off whereas Renée wanted to be played with…..it was going to be a long night….

When the Col. and Kamila entered the restaurant everyone stood to attention. It was madness how much respect this man had and power for that matter. They were led to the nicest most secluded table in the restaurant. Kamila had never been somewhere so beautiful. If it wasn’t full of German soldiers and if she wasn’t here with Landa she would have enjoyed being here. The waiter pulled out her chair and she smiled sweetly at him.

“Merci” She said quietly and sat down. Once again….it was just her and Landa…..face to face….

“We can return back to town tomorrow if you wish….my investigation was closed today….turns out it was suicide…..some men just cannot cope with military life it seems” The way he smiled sickened her. That man was most likely consumed with utter guilt and ending his life was the only option, she didn’t feel sorry for the man….but she was angered by Hans’s reaction. She nodded and smiled slightly.

“Well then you can get on with whatever you have in back home….” They both pulled out cigarettes and watched each other closely.

“This is the best restaurant in Paris…..their food is up to my standards…but as a French woman I can imagine this is a dream come true”

“Yes Hans….I’m so grateful for all of this….the clothes…the company….I can imagine I am the envy of every French woman here” She leant back and crossed her legs tightly. His eyes watched her….looked at her chest for a while, the way it rose and fell almost rapidly. A look of confusion came across his face.

“Renée …sweet Renée ….I am dying to know everything about you….tell me everything” As a detective Hans loved asking questions….he had this deep urge to know everything about anyone. Kamila silently pulled out her papers from her small handbag and placed them on the table.

“Well you know My Name is Renée Allard….daughter of Chloe and Gérard Allard. My Father committed suicide after my mother left him for the Tavern owner Henry….”

“My dear this is not an interrogation….you’re making it sound like I don’t believe you say who you are….I do not need to see your papers…. Tell me about you…” He pushed them back towards her and she sighed snatching them back.
“Excuse me Hans….but as you are a detective I assumed that you would enjoy hearing the whole story” He smiled not saying a word while taking a long drag on his cigarette….

“So…I used to have this wonderful doll house as a child….and I always dreamed of having perfect family just like my dolls….dressing the littlest one up….she would be a princess….happy….safe….”  She trailed off….letting the cigarette burn away. Her eyes looking empty and lost, he clicked his fingers in front of her face.

“Sorry….just reminiscing….” She stubbed out her fag and picked up a menu and covered her face. She couldn’t cope with his presence. She wished for her story to be true. To have lived a privileged life with dolls and dresses, to have never worked a day in her life, to have perfume cover her instead of the blood of animals and her enemies.

He pushed her menu down from her face.

“My dear don’t hide your beautiful face” She smiled and nodded….


Kamila looked over to a beautiful old grandfather clock and saw the time….it was late and they had only finished their main course.  She was losing face….she struggled to stop her utter contempt for him….she just wanted it to end…she just wanted to finish him….to smash his face….she also had the strangest urge to kiss it too…..the Champaign had caused her head to spin and ache. She lost it. Before Hans Landa could raise his hand to gain the attention of the waiter she grabbed his hand.

“I want you…..I want…. Je veux que tu m’ôter la pureté” She whispered inched from his face and traced her fingers across his hand.

(I want you to take away my purity)

He raised one eyebrow….sighed heavily  and with his free hand called for the bill……

Show time….

They entered his home quietly…Kamila removed her shoes and ran up the stairs and stood at the top. She looked down at him. She looked down at her prey.

“Shall I wait for you in my room Miss Allard?”

“Oui…..I wish to slip into…something more appropriate Col.” She swayed away to her room making sure he watched her all the way. She slammed the door shut and clapped her hands in excitement. She ran to her bed and pulled the pillow away to grab her knife…..but it was gone….she collapsed onto the bed….she was in complete panic. She pulled the sheets and the mattress…hoping to find her knife. She covered her mouth and began shake….it was no were….not in sight at all…. She looked around the room for something sharp….but could not find a thing. She realised she had left the Col. waited too long. Suspicions would rise if she didn’t go to his room now….she undressed folding her new gown up and slipping into a pale pink short silk nightdress.  She smiled feeling it through her fingers…it calmed her.  She pulled the door open and walked the few steps to his bedroom. Knocked twice and waited to be called it. He called her through….

She opened the door ever so slowly and peered in….she saw him sitting on the bed….holding her knife….

She shut the door calmly…not changing the expression on her face….not giving herself away anymore.

“Herrman left this on my bed….they found it in your room….under your pillow….this is an awfully big knife….for someone who doesn’t need one….or am I mistaken in thinking you are the type of person to need it”

“Col. I have no idea what that is…..or how it got to my bed…perhaps a jealous house maid planted it to make you think I was an assassin….of some kind…..”

“What an elaborate plan for a subordinate to think of Miss Allard….although I do own many a blade like this….and I haven’t checked to see if it one I am missing, but this knife….is not of German craft…..I am not sure what it is…..now I am going to ask you only once….why did you have a knife under your pillow?

“For protection…..I am sorry Col. that I lied to you but….I take it with me to protect myself from brutes in the Tavern and on the streets….I’ve heard of German soldiers attacking young French women like myself and it’s the only weapon I have…I too k it for security….I am so sorry please….Please forgive me Hans” Kamila dropped to her knees. In a way she wasn’t pretending to be sorry or frightened…..she was terrified.  He placed the knife on his dressing table next to his bed and stood up. She closed her eyes….and waited to feel the cold steel of the blade hit her….but instead she felt a hand rest on her shoulder.

“Renée…..usually I would suspect you as an assassin….I would have you shot….but for some reason….I trust you…you are far too simple to be a spy right….” Kamila opened her eyes as tears dripped from them. She nodded. He then pulled her up to her feet roughly. She let out a small scream and he placed his hand just above her mouth. She shook with fear as his hands ran across her body, pulling at the straps of her nightgown. He then ripped it off her. Throwing it to the ground he placed his hands tightly on the top of her arms…..She stood….completely bare….exposed. He looked at the scars on her legs and her lower back.

“Who did this too you”

“My father…..” She lied through a whisper. He nodded and began to lean in to kiss her. In that moment…Kamila was lost…. Renée was taking over and she wanted Hans to kiss her so much…and she got her wish. His lips pressed up against her plump red ones in a heated fashion. He pulled her naked body against his clothed one and felt the heat radiate from her. Her arms slowly made their way up to wrap around his neck. She was cautious….and confused.

Suddenly he picked her up in one motion and carried her to his bed where he threw her down. She lay completely lost to his touch and his presence. He began to strip aggressively. She tried to move.

“Don’t move” He grunted at her. She nodded once again without uttering a single word. He didn’t waste any time disrobing and hovered above her. She tried to move once again but he grabbed her and held her down.

“Please I can’t do this If you keep moving” She couldn’t read him….she couldn’t tell what he wanted….but she knew in any moment….he was going to enter her….and the only thing she could do was try and grab the knife best she could……but Renée had other ideas. He ran his hands down her breasts and her stomach….down over her womanhood and graced her inner thigh. Stroking her hair with his other hand his guided himself inside her. She screamed in complete pain, she had felt worse but….this was different. Not just the pain of flesh being torn…but the pains of having a Nazi man fuck her.

“Sssshh…its ok…it will pass I promise Renée…” He looked deeply in her eyes and smiled….she then looked back in them….she had given him eye contact for sure….but she….she had never looked into them….and she felt somehow better for it. They weren’t filled with hatred or pure evil….they were full of love…

She smiled and nodded as he continued to thrust in and out of her. She moaned in pain…gasping digging her long nails into his back.

“Yes… Renée….you feel me…you like this….how deep I am inside of you” He moaned in her ears as they writhed together on the bed in pure lust….she looked over to the knife…she could reach it….as he sped up the pain was almost gone….and a hard throbbing pleasurable sensation took over. Her arms lulled from the reach of the knife and grabbed onto Hans once again. She closed her eyes as tears rolled from them and down her cheeks. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her….but it worried her. She screams of pleasure became more prominent as his speed and depth increased.  His head was buried into her neck as he gripped her body tighter…she kept looking up at the blade….but something kept her from grabbing it…and it scared her. He brought her leg up higher and went in deeper.

“yes…YES YES!!!” She screamed and gripped the sheets. He moved his head to watch her face. Her eyes where shining like jewels…..and it mesmerized him….but it didn’t slow his pace. He then pulled her up to the head of his bed and took some ties from his draw and tied her hands above her head onto the headboard of the bed. Her mood changed…she wasn’t in pleasure anymore…but fear. She looked at him make his was down to her the warm wet opening between her legs. She bit her lip and watched him caress her bud with his lips and tongue. She writhed in ecstasy….but then she remembered her hands were tied….and had no way of reaching for her knife, but this thought soon left her as he continued too pleasure her greatly. He sat up from between her legs and wiped her mouth.

“sorry…you are bleeding a little….I’m not too fond of the taste….but….it won’t stop me from making you cum my dear…” He then rammed two fingers inside her and she let out another scream….his motions were fast and erratic and caused a built up sensation to grow in Kamila, and it took no time for that built up feeling to suddenly erupt.

“HANS….HANS” She howled his name as her womanhood became soaked with her cum…..and ran down his fingers and hands…he then licked his fingers….watching her watch him. Her eyes were now an ice blue colour….they must go that colour when she is truly happy he thought….just looking at her.

“Big finish now” He pulled the ties from her hands and pushed her down on her front…she had stopped screaming….or caring…..her head was floating…her WHOLE BODY was. She didn’t care about grabbing the knife anymore….she had forgotten who was fucking her….she was just enjoying it. He entered her from behind and traced the curves and indents of her back with his hand. He was fucking her so hard she couldn’t contain her screams of pleasure….he also became more vocal…calling for her to say his name…to say she was a filthy girl….filthy French girl.

“YES, I’M SO FUCKING FLITHY, FUCK ME HARDER HANS” She screamed for him as her fingers grabbed onto the sheets even tighter this time.…


They lay together sweating shaking from their orgasms…..she grabbed his hand and looked at him. He pushed his hair back with his free hand and looked back at her.

“Hans….I can’t express how amazing that was….you’re not really as frightening as you seem”

“I don’t want you to be afraid of me….Renée I don’t want to sound mad when I say this but” She then covered his mouth with her hand.

“Don’t…don’t say anything” She sat up quickly and he grabbed her arm. She closed her eyes and felt sick….she could feel what was coming next.

“I think this old dog has fallen for you Renée….” She covered her mouth and pulled away from him. She brought her knees to her chin and rested her arms on them….then buried her face in her arms and cried deeply. He knelt behind her and rested his hands on her shoulders.

“Why are you sad….is it because you don’t feel the same way?” She just kept crying and crying. Hans really had fallen for Renée….he felt like a different man with her….he felt…happy and more human around her.

Kamila felt wrong and dirty and….she wanted to rip her skin off….because she felt like she had fallen for him too….she had completely lost her want to kill him…..she felt for him. But knowing full well what she was…who she was….she had to kill him. Despite her knew found feelings for The Jew Hunter….

“Col.” she sniffed and raised her head and looked at him. “I’m just so happy I let you take my virginity…..”

“But you look so sad”

“Don’t be fooled….I am happy” She lied once again and closed her eyes as Hans wiped the tears from her cheeks….

“I should go back to my room”
“Stay…share my bed with me…” He kissed her shoulders and her neck gently. Making her shiver and ache for his touch more so.  She turned and looked at him and grabbed his face….and kissed him roughly. He enjoyed this….he even enjoyed her pining him down and sitting on top of him. His hands stroked her bare breasts, catching her sensitive nipples.  She looked down at him….then her eyes glanced over to the knife….then back into his eyes. She had never been so torn in her life, her duty….or her heart. She then laid next to him….resting her head on his bare chest…he pulled the sheets over them and began to stroke her hair, playing with it through his fingers…

“Do we have to go back to town tomorrow Hans”

“I’m afraid so Renée…I still important matters to attend to there…”

“What is it…it cannot be that important….” She stroked the hairs on his chest and listened to his erratic heartbeat.

“I cannot divulge that information but you must trust me in saying that it is something I cannot overlook….it is my duty” She knew all too well about duties. Laying with this man knowing full well she had to kill him….she had too…did she?

Yes of course…he is the fucking Jew Hunter she thought….but she couldn’t resist his touch….the way he made her feel was a mixture of fear and pleasure….and she liked it. Her thoughts led her to fall asleep on Landa’s chest…for the rest of the night.

The next day Kamila awoke to see Hans sitting on the end of the bed watching her. He was already fully dressed. She sat up slowly, pushing the mess of hair from her face.

“I hate you seeing me like this Hans”

“I think you look more beautiful than ever my dear….but come now…get dressed we must head back to town” She tilted her head to the side then began to slowly crawl towards him, her bare flesh shining in the sunlight protruding from the blinds. He smiled as she approached him, kissing him deeply, and their tongues crashing against each other. He pushed her away, as much as it pained him to.

“Please” He stood up and laid her clothes out for her….

By the time the Two reached the centre of Town and to Kamila’s place of work and her home it was opening time. Henry opened the doors to see the two standing there…holding each other. The look on Henry’s face was priceless.

“Bonjour Col…..Kamila” He greeted the two by their surprise. They turned and he let her go and shook Henrys hand…by His surprise.

“Monsieur Baudin …. Renée a été une telle joie d’avoir … vous êtes chanceux, vous pouvez voir son visage merveilleux, tous les jours”

(Sir Baudin…. Renée has been such a joy to have….you’re lucky…you get to see her beautiful face every day)

Hans took Renée’s hand and gripped it tightly. She smiled slightly….she felt ashamed…she could feel the anger and confusion radiating from Henry.

“Merci colonel elle est une fille extraordinaire” Henry nodded to him.

(Thank you Colonel…she is an extraordinary girl)

“Till tonight….” He pulled Kamila close to him and took his hat off to place a hard but loving kiss on her lips. Her stiff body might of given away the fact she wish not to kiss him in front of Henry….she didn’t want to return home because then it would be known to Henry and The Basterds that she had failed…..and she hated failing. Kamila curtsied and watched Hans get into his car and drive away. Kamila stormed into the bar without saying a word to Henry. But he wasn’t giving up that easily. As she went to grab her apron he grabbed her forearm.

“C’est quoi ce bordel qui s’est passé? Pourquoi n’avez-vous pas tué?”

(What the hell happened? Why did you not kill him?)

Kamila lied, she couldn’t tell him the whole truth…it would sicken him….

“Je ne pouvais pas le faire seul …. et quand je l’ai fait il se força … je n’ai pas eu la force …. Mais je vais bientôt …. quand je peux … je juste ne sais pas quand ce sera …”

(I could not get him alone….and when I was alone with him…he was forceful…his strength was too much, but I will soon, when I can….i just don’t know when it will be)

She fumbled her words….she hated lying to Henry….she never has and it was killing her. He was risking everything to shelter her…to maintain this act.  She slipped her apron over her head and sighed.

“Donc pour l’instant … Renée Allard est en amour avec le chasseur Juif jusqu’à noitce encore …. s’il vous plaît j’ai juste besoin de plus de temps … il serait préférable de le tuer ici de toute façon … Paris est trop bondée …”

(So for now….Renée Allard is in love with the Jew Hunter, until further notice….please I need more time, it would be better to kill him here anyway…Paris is too croweded)

He nodded, but she could tell in his eyes he didn’t agree, she took her bag from the door way where Herrman had left it and ran it upstairs, she opened it and saw her knife was sitting perfectly on top. She looked at it and still felt fearful. She still had this feeling…deep down inside her that he knew something….but wasn’t letting on. People had said how Hans Landa plays evil tricks with your mind. Is this the greatest trick of all? She just didn’t know anymore. She picked it up and looked at her tired reflection in the blade.  She began to speak to herself…in her native language.

“To ostrze …. kapie krwią pułkownika Hansa Landy, bo to jest mój obowiązek … chociaż to będzie ból dla mnie … Myślę, że kocham ten pieprzony Żyd syn Hunter z suką”

(This blade…will drip with the blood of Col. Hans Landa….because it is my duty…even though it will pain me….because I think I love this Jew Hunting son of a Bitch)

Tears rolled down her cheek as she tied her knife holster to her ankle, slipped the blade in and pulled her stockings back up over her knee, and slipped her boots back on….

She grabbed her telephone and dialled that all important number once again.

“Donny….hello Donny, I’m afraid the plan has changed….I had to wait to get back here to kill him…No I have not been compromised….Donny trust me, killing him in Paris seemed to risky, look I will get the job done….”

“You better fucking do girly, or you’re going to be Jew Hunters next big find….” He slammed the phone down on her and she began to shake with fear. She had been compromised….she had lost her sense of hatred for him….and felt only want and compassion. But she still remembered her mission….all Kamila needed was time to prepare….to try and distance herself from Hans…but she knew full well that was going to be a task in itself….

She poured a glass of wine for two French women waiting for the time to pass on these dreary occupied days. A curfew was in effect from 11pm so most people spent their days drinking or eating….these women obviously drank their boredom and depression away.

“Bonjour Renée, nous avons entendu que vous êtes allé à Paris …. avec Hans Landa …. il ya deux jours! était-ce amusant? at-il enfin faire disparaître ce satané virginité?”

(Hello Renée, I heard you went to Paris with Hans Landa…Two days ago! Was it fun….did you finally get rid of that pesky virginity?) One of the women teased her slightly. If only she could throw out people for being nosey whores. She smiled sweetly.

“Une dame ne dit jamais”

(A lady never tells)

She pushed the glasses towards the smartly dressed women and began to walk away, lighting a cigarette. She couldn’t get her thoughts off him….his body sweating and rubbing against her warm naked one. The way he teased her perky untouched nipples with his mouth, and how he spanked her petit buttocks so hard the pleasure almost drove her insane. Standing the other end of the Tavern with her eyes close smoked billowed from her perfect pursed red lips clouding the air and her sense….all thought she could still smell him….and hear him. Her head lulled in a daydream….until a glass was smashed, two men began fighting….badly, must have been over the same woman. Two French men, thank god, for this meant she could use a weapon….Henry was out back throwing away dirty old water….this was her time to let off some steam. She leapt over the bar, cigarette still in her mouth and grabbed one of the brawlers head and placed her knife on his throat.

“Vous connaissez les règles… Maintenant, allez! avant ma lame et de votre gorge se familiariser”

(You know the rules….NOW GO before my blade and your throat get acquainted)

She kicked him out of the door and pointed her blade at the other man, drunkenly grabbing his hat he left without a word. Not one German solider flicked his eyes over to see what she had done. To her pleasure….because it Hans knew of this….his suspicious would become a certainty for sure….however little did she know that one particular solider was watching her in the darkest corner of the tavern….he had been asked to keep an eye on Hans’s precious French bar maid, and was most intrigued from what he just witnessed….

Kamila was cleaning the outside windows once the evening rush set in….Hans still had not come to see her, maybe what he had to deal with was certainly important. The rag dripped dirty water on her cigarette. “Fuck” She said as it hung from her mouth. She coughed loudly scrubbing the top window hard….she swore some more under her breath….her frustration was hard to hide.  She wanted to unwind…and that was usually done by killing and now it seems when Landa kisses her neck and stroked her hair it does the trick also.

She began to climb down the ladder when it began to buckle…she tried to grab onto a window ledge but couldn’t and fell along with the ladder, it wasn’t far from the ground but when she crashed down it pained her so….the bucket had crashed next to her soaking her completely. She lay on the pavement looking up at the evening sky….she couldn’t move…from embarrassment and from pain, and just like that who was to appear above her….

“Renée you clumsy little thing” Hans looked down at her blocking her view of the stars. She smiled slightly and coughed more. He held his hand out to her, she grabbed it…very tightly….freakishly tight Hans thought. He pulled her up and held her up straight. “I want you to share my bed again this evening….I have had such an infuriating day and I need your comfort will you do that for me my sweet?” He held the sides of her arms so tight. She began to shake…the chill from the air froze her tiny wet body. She nodded silently. He did look somewhat angry this evening….she smiled at him.

“I will wait till for you to finish your work of course….I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble my dear….are you hurt at all?” He examined her carefully. “No….I’m fine, just my pride”

“Pride?” He chuckled a little. He had no respect for Kamila and this hurt her. She was a strong deadly proud woman….it was things like this that made killing Hans easier….but when he took her hand and kissed it…then pulled her in, even though she was soaking wet….held her close to his warm welcoming body…she wanted nothing more than to lay with him….and to love him. He waited patiently inside the bar until closing time at 11pm. He didn’t offer to help…just sat smoking his German cigarettes, watching the now fairly dry Kamila stack chairs and clean tables. He enjoyed watching her work….sweat and bend over. He took a long drag on his cigarette when she bent over in front of him….he could feel a slight erection grow through his trousers.

“Renée, c’est ok, je vais finir ce que vous pouvez aller avec le colonel” (Renée its ok, I will finish you can leave with the Col.)

“Merci Henry” She walked over to him and planted a kiss on his cheek and stood before Hans.

“You don’t need to bring any clothes….I have some for you at mine” He pulled his coat on and placed his hat on his head tightly. Kamila shuddered from the thought….were they another woman’s clothes….a previous lover. Did he intend for her to stay longer than a night. She stopped him for a moment and bent down and took her knife off her leg.

“You really do keep it on you at all times…” She nodded silently placing it on the bar….she wasn’t going to kill Hans….not tonight anyway; tonight…she wanted his love…

They crashed on his bed…he didn’t care about showing her around the house or even offering her a drink or some food. He just wanted to be inside her quivering small body.  

“Hans …. toucher mon corps … me touchez”

(Hans touch my body….touch me!)

 she screamed for him,  sliding her hands down to her womanhood. He pinned her down on the bed and began to violently kiss and suck on her neck. She let out a loud moan and grabbed his uniform trying to rip it off. He pulled from her neck and looked down at her. His hair a mess and out of breath, he just looked at her…almost in rage.

“Please be careful….” He ordered her to be cautious of his uniform and his medals. Truth was….she just didn’t want to see him in this fucking uniform anymore. It sickened her….but she knew underneath it all he was just human. Who liked it when Kamila…well Renée would pull his hair while he fucked her, who smiled and would shine almost when she looked at him… just a man in love. He dis-robed quickly but carefully, placing each medal in a special box, making sure his precious uniform was kept in pristine manor…. He was wearing briefs and nothing else, and then went back to the matter at hand. The woman on his bed who was stripping down, opening her legs teasing him, biting her lip and pulling her long blonde hair from the bun it was in. He rushed over and rested above her once again…kissing her roughly, biting her tongue and lip. She felt the skin break and taste the irony taste that was her blood. Blood, the taste…the feel of its warmth on her lips and her mouth caused her to become even more aroused than before. She pulled away from him and sucked in her bleeding lip.

“Don’t be sorry” She said before he could. “I want it rough” He smiled evilly and licked the blood from the side of her cheek and gave her the most erotic wink of an eye and grabbed her hair.

“Bend over whore” He whispered in her ear biting the lobe after. She screamed out in pleasure and pain, she didn’t hesitate and bent over in front of him, the moist patch showing through her undergarments. They were thin, and very revealing, not lady like at all. But Kamila she didn’t want to be a lady, she wanted Hans to show her how to be a real WOMAN! She heard him rummaging in a trunk. She was anxious but it felt good. The blood drying across her lips she sucked on it more, trying to break the skin once again with her teeth also.

“AH!” He called out, she turned to look behind and her eyes widened from shock. He was wearing is uniform hat….had a beautiful decanter full of scotch, and placed it on the counter next to his king sized bed after taking a few deep sips, but what really interested her was the paddle in his hands. Something they would use to punish the naughty French school children. Now it was her turn…. Kamila had been whipped across the legs for being insulate once at the factory, and the pain didn’t excite her or pleasure her. It pained her and made her feel worthless. So felt more anxious, she knew he was going to spank her across her buttocks, she feared it would not be good fun, but she played along anyway.  He pulled her up tightly by her neck, almost choking her. She let out a slight yelp and watched him grab the large decanter and forced her mouth open. His grip then tightened around her jaw; keeping her jaw open he poured copious amounts of the alcohol down her delicate throat. She coughed and spluttered but liked what he was doing. Being intoxicated would help with these new experiences she thought. She had consumed a large quantity and it hit her almost instantly. She lulled back down onto her hands and knees and felt him place his hat on her head. She looked up at the peak and felt even dirtier than before. Wearing a piece of Nazi uniform was the biggest insult she could bring upon on herself and her people. She felt a piece of silk wrap around her neck now, his fingers gracing her skin. She shivered once again as his tips brushed against her throat roughly tying a long piece of silken material across her neck….like a dog collar. He pulled on it slightly….making sure there was enough give not too choke her too much. She then felt his grip tighten on the tie and his body tense up. He was about to show her what rough really was.

“Hans….would you like me to speak German to you…will that make you happy?” He moaned loudly and pulled her to kneel up right once again, bring her to his body, she felt his hairs brush on her back they were that close.

“You speak Geman?…..well?” She nodded in fear and sexual excitement.

“Sie werden nie im Stich zu beeindrucken mich mein lieber“

(You will never fail to impress me, my dear)

“Vielen Dank, Hans …. mich bestrafen“ she stroked his face. gently….lovingly and longily.

(Thank you, Hans….punish me)

He pushed her down and wasted no time in slapping the wooden paddle hard onto her pale bare buttocks. She screamed, it was almost piercing, but this did not concern him, in fact he just kept hitting her with it. Each one of her screams of pleasure and pain just made his erection and his feelings for her grow faster.

“Was bist du?”

(What are you?)

He held the paddle across her now red raw arse. She stuttered….still in shock from being punished so severely by the hands of her lover….she wanted more.

“Ein schmutziger Französisch Hure!”

(A dirty French Whore)

She screamed at him, begging for more. He then spanked her a few more times…the pain began to take over….it was becoming almost unbearable…but she didn’t want it to stop in a way….then she thought what it would be like if she was in his position…..it would be the perfect time to kill. Tighten the tie around his neck until it crushed his windpipe…..this thought made her hurt…in her chest. Don’t think about it now….let him have you…just for tonight…. He threw the paddle across the room. He drunk some more scotch and passed it to her. See needed it to take the edge off her sore arse cheeks. As she drank heavily she stroked her pain….then pulled her panties down…unclipping the stockings attached carefully. She had almost finished it…. He then without warning inserted two fingers inside her….only briefly then removed them. He tugged on her “reins” and she turned to look. He smiled at her, his fingers glistened. She was almost dripping wet between her legs….she could feel it now. He then pulled his underwear exposing his well endowed self to her. She held onto the hat on her head….and gripped the pillow in front of her. She was preparing for him….and good thing she did. His throbbing cock fitting itself inside her tiny wet womanhood caused more pain….but once her pussy relaxed she enjoyed the feel of every inch of the man inside her. He started slowly….pulling at the tie slightly….she smiled closing her eyes….feeling even more intoxicated. Sliding in and out…pushing her back down to get the right angle, and once he found it he didn’t hesitate to speed up, the sound of his balls slapping against her caused her to call out to him.

“Oh Colonel härter, schneller … ficken mich zu bestrafen mich mit deinen großen Schwanz!“

(Oh Col. Harder….faster….fuck me, punish me with your big cock)

She moaned at him….her grip tightened.  He laughed loudly and he began to fuck the poor girl harder than she ever could imagine. Only a few days ago this girl became a woman making love, losing her sweet virginity….now she was becoming an animal…just like him…. He pulled the tie and she felt it across her throat more now….and it was almost too much. But she was too engrossed in his cock to notice. His free hand held onto her hip tightly, now and then tracing something on her skin.

“Fick Hans  … Ich bin cumming!”

(Fuck Hans…I’m cumming)

And boy did she….it squirted all over his cock and his sheets. She screamed and twitched as the hat fell from her head and onto the ground. She couldn’t hear anything but her heart and the sound of his laughter. But he didn’t stop fucking her, he just kept going and going…..she felt like her head was going to pop off. The pleasure began to come too much. She begged him to stop, and lick her wet throbbing bud.  Laughing again he pulled out….but didn’t tend to her bud and inner lips of her woman hood. No no, he untied the tie from her neck… and then tied her hands behind her back….and pushed her to the head of the bed. She was smiling and giggling…but the look on Hans face wasn’t that of a man who wanted to pleasure her…..it was that of someone who wanted to just hurt her….

“Renée…I want those beautiful lips wrapped around my member….you understand….and I won’t let you pull away until every….last…drop is swallowed….understood” His finger ran up and down her thigh. She felt at ease, she thought something awful was going to happen….but in all honesty…the size of his cock….and her lack of experience was frightening enough….but she obliged him enough. He pulled her by her hair, and was kneeling upright and guided her head to his throbbing cock and forced her gently onto it. She moaned loudly as she began to explore with her mouth and tongue, gliding her tongue up and down his shaft, teasing the top with her pursed lips and tongue. He moaned and grunted loudly as she sucked harder and harder.  Hans had never had his cock sucked so well, and it had been sucked many a time. But having someone…explore it…was another thing, but he grew impatient so he pushed her head down, all the way down the shaft, until he could almost feel the back of Renée’s throat. He moved her head in a quick steady rhythm. It was coming, that immense amount of pleasure which made him forget about losing some men to the Basterds and their tricks today….his soul felt unburdened and body felt set free as his seaman built up in her mouth….then her felt her swallow the load and cough violently as he pulled her away by her hair….he looked down at her….and she looked up at him with the brightest eyes….a slight bit of his cum on her chin. She stuck her tongue down and licked it up…..this made him smile at her widely and stroke her matted hair lovingly….

She sat in bed, the sheets just barely covering her body, smoking casually. This was clearly very temporary. Nothing in this room but some trunks with his initials carved beautifully into them. Her eyes gazed across to the window right in front of his bed and stared at it…the pain in her lower body irritating her now, but she didn’t regret what they did….she couldn’t, not when she looked at him. He was wearing a night shirt and smoking his pipe while reading a small but beautiful burgundy book. She looked over to see what it read; it was in German of course….she struggled to translate.

“My dear please do not read over my shoulder….its most unbearable” He mumbled to her with his pipe hanging from his beautiful mouth. She smiled and moved back to her space. She left her cigarette burning in the ashtray beside her and slumped down to try and rest.

“One of my men today told me about what happened at the tavern today” the moment she rested her head on her hands she sat straight back up again.

“Excuse me….” She thought no one noticed….well she thought wrong.

“The men fighting….you leaping over the bar…threating to kill them….you seemed very confident with the blade….according to him they left without questioning you….now why would a little French barmaid like yourself….be so agile and confident with a knife….” She looked at him, didn’t break character…didn’t stutter or worry. She was tired of his games.

“Hans….sweet Hans….yes that is all true…every last part….you are quite in your right mind to be concerned or confused by my actions….I just acted on my fear, and just….did what I had to do to protect my place of work….Henry’s business…you understand about doing what you….have to do” She turned casually and picked up her burning cigarette and inhaled the last of it. By now Hans was looking right at her, his pipe in his hand….and book closed on his lap….she could see it in his eyes…his brain working away.

“Well aren’t you a brave one….but I don’t think you should act so….heroically in public anymore….let Henry deal with the brutes….I would hate it if you got hurt….or would that be unlikely?” Kamila began to shake…..it was noitcable….by the look in Landa’s eyes….he knew something. He placed his pipe down and took her by the hand, and leaned in and whispered in her ears.

“Do you love me?” Kamila let out a slight gasp….tears began to build in her eyes….

“Yes….I think I do”

“Say it….”

“I love you Hans….I love you” She moved her head away in shame….and covered her face with her hands. The Col. grabbed her arm and pulled her back towards him. She screamed in pain and quivered before him.

“Renée  Allard….I don’t love…I never have…..but with you…I don’t feel angry…or sick….or cold inside…..I feel like a young man again….I feel….what I presume is love….and so Renée….I love you, I want you to be by my side always….I want your body….your soul…..your love…” He dropped her arm and she crashed back down onto her back.  She couldn’t stop looking at him….she was in shock.

“But….Renée I have felt this…..feeling in the back of my head….and when I get that feeling I know something is wrong…and I’m never wrong about that….” He was above her….stroking her hair….he then grabbed a chunk and pulled it. She screamed once again in pain and tried to pull away.

“Now if you love me like you say you do…. Renée don’t struggle! don’t, you will tell me the truth….if you don’t….or you do and it’s something I cannot abide to….well…..I’m afraid I’m going to have to let you….go” He pulled it tighter. She then, with her free hand punched in him the chest hard enough to throw him back a little and let go of her hair. She dashed to the end of the bed and grabbed her white blouse and slipped it on as Hans struggled for breath on the bed.

“STOP OR I’LL KILL YOU GIRL” she felt his gun aiming at her….she stood still at the window….holding onto her skirt and boots….

“Hans…..I love you…..please don’t do anything stupid…….” She turned slowly and looked at him….he instantly lowered his gun.

“What is it….what is it about you that is so bad you cannot be honest to the man you love” Now she couldn’t say she was a Jew….she had to convince him something else was her dark secret. She held her hands up and sighed. She thought of something.

“Hans….when France was invaded I tried to join the resistance…..they trained me….they taught me to fight and wield a knife….but when I realised that I would rather live than die in a pointless fight for freedom….well….here I am now….in love with a Nazi….a German man of uniform…if I was an enemy of the state…well….I would of killed you by now….you can shoot me if you wish Hans….I know you could…boy could you, I know how much you enjoy killing…..but look at me….I am Renée Allard….your Renée Allard….I just want to be with you….I truly love you….”

“Why fight me…why lie to me?”

“Because I feared for my life….and feared your rejection….I think I fell for you the night you entered the tavern…..” She dropped her boots and skirt and lulled her arms to her side once again. He got out of bed and walked towards her….still holding the gun….she didn’t fear death….she just feared failing her mission. He slid the gun down her arm….then pointed it to her chest. She swallowed spit and looked dead in his eyes….

“Very well….I know I should kill you…well what happened in Paris when I found the knife…the story you told me….I feel that wasn’t entirely true either…..I feel that you are an assassin or a spy….because it would just make sense….there are so many signs pointing to it….however….my heart tells me that you are Renée  Allard….the barmaid from Henry’s Tavern….who want I to spend the rest of my life with…so…I will listen to my heart….just this once” He moved the gun from her chest and dropped it across the room. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him….

“Oh Hans….” He smiled and kissed her without a moment’s hesitation, picked her small frame up into his arms and carried her to his bed…..

Once Han’s fell asleep Kamila lay awake….watching him…..thinking of her actions. The Jew Hunter….her lover…..her mission, all this hurt her. Her hurt more than any pain, stab or burn wound she could encounter.  It would be easy to just smother him…..but she needed her blade….and the courage….for she had lost it almost completely…..

Kamila walked from Hans’s home the next day to the tavern….it was around 8 am and freezing. But she donned a beautiful fur coat Hans had given to her as a gift. It kept her as warm as it could….but the cold still cut through her like a well sharpened knife. As she walked by some abandoned buildings an arm appeared from one of the doors and grabbed Kamila from behind…covering her mouth before she could scream for help and dragged her in. She was thrown to the floor and L.T Raine and Sgt.Donowitz stood before her….Sgt.Stiglitz brushed himself off and walked in front of her also. That pesky German was good and grabbing people for sure. She looked up at them….with content.

“Surprise!” Donny shouted at her pointing a rifle at her. She looked away.

“You miss us girly?…..I was hoping we would have seen you a lot sooner than now…..I thought it didn’t take you too long to do your….thing….but it seems I still don’t got me a Jew Hunter scalp…now why is that?” She said nothing for a while….then the L.T pulled out his precious hunting knife and held it across her cheek.

“I don’t really like threatening ladies….but you really are trying me girly” The cold steel make Kamila feel sick.

“I think she has been compromised…..I can see the look in her eyes….she has fallen for him….I told you she would be no good to us” Stiglitz chuffed at her and pointed his gun at her in anger.

“I fuckin’ knew it….how could you let that fucking NAZI SCUM TOUCH YOU!” Donny shouted at her….shoving his rifle to the side of her head. Aldo removed his blade and stood her up along with the others….and tied her hands behind her back.

“Right…new plan….Donny find me some paper and a pen…..we’re going to send the Col. a letter stating the following…DONNY HURRY THE FUCK UP”

“WELL THERE AINT FUCK ALL IN HERE L.T JUST RUBBLE AND FUCKIN’ DIRT” Donny rummaged around the crap left in the house and eventually found what he was looking for.

Jew Hunter….We have your girl….if you do not come to the forest 4 miles from the centre of town….she will die tonight….if you come but bring half the fucking German army with you….she dies….if you try to trick us…she dies….get the picture?

Be seeing you soon

Aldo the Apache…

Kamila sat in the back of a truck with a gag in her mouth, the rope around her wrists burning her skin. She shot daggers from her eyes at the men surrounding her.

“Am I correct in assuming you are pretty good with a bow and arrow” Aldo pierced the arrow through the letter. She nodded.

“We’re going to untie you….you will shoot this arrow through the gap in the truck and it WILL hit the  door of this building we are about to pass…if you don’t I will blow your brains out….then I’ll go to Henrys tavern….blow his brains out….got it?”  She complied. She truck began to slow and she set herself up….the gap was minuscule and the movement threw her off her aim. But….as she was told…she did. She shot it through the gap and it landed meters away on the door of a strange looking building….she lowered the bow as she felt Donny’s rifle barrel press into the back of her head.

“Thank ya darling….” Aldo took his snuff box out and snorted that tiny white powder up his nose, he then pulled out Kamila’s gag and put a cigarette in her mouth.

“Are you going to put me in a firing squad L.T” She said as the fag bobbed up and down in her mouth.

“No…we kill Nazis….and people who don’t do what they are told, Just thought you would like to take the edge off” He watched as Corporal Wicki held a flame in front of her cigarette. She nodded and took in the smoke.

“What now….”

“Well you are to stand in the woods…scared…beaten…I’m afraid we are going to have to rough you up a little…sorry bout’ that, anyway…you then pull out a gun on him BLAM….dead fuckin’ Jew Hunter I get my scalp…you get the fuck out of my sight for good you hear?”

“I’m not killing him….”

“What I the fuck did I say before girly….I will burn that fucking Tavern to the ground….DON’T TRY ME!” He slammed his fist on the side of the truck and watched Kamila closely. She didn’t flinch just sat there smoking.

“I’m not killing him….without my blade” she stubbed the cigarette out and threw the butt down by her feet.

“Well tough shit….your killing him without it…” The truck eventually stopped and Kamila’s hands were once again tied together and she was led to the bunker were the Bastards hid….

Hans had just pulled up outside the office in which he had been working for the last few days….he noticed a few men standing ….more like gathering around the front door. He screwed his face up in confusion and waited for Herrman to open his door. He looked at him……then at the group of men.

He coughed loudly and watched the men form a line, click their heels and salute the man in front of them.

“Was ist es, dass Sie alle so interessiert in?…lassen Sie mich sehen“

(What is it that you are all so interested in….let me see)

The soldiers parted instantly…saying nothing. Hans slowly walked up to the door and scanned the arrow sticking out from it.  He noticed it looked of Native America design…he knew exactly who this was…..but he wasn’t prepare for what he read on the letter. He pulled it down and began to read in his head…..his face went white….and his eyes darkened with rage. He screwed the paper up and dropped it….not expressing any sort of emotion…not anger…or sadness. He pulled the arrow of the door, opened the door and shut it behind him…..

He walked past a group of soldiers and a woman behind a desk….not looking at them…his boots crashing on the ground as he stormed to his temporary office….he slammed the door of that room too. He took of his hat and long leather coat and threw them across the room. He was sweating….the rage inside him was building up so much it pained him….he lost it….he snapped and began to destroy the room around him.

Smashing glasses and throwing books across the room he shouted and swore profusely. He smashed the chair on the ground pushed everything off the desk and screamed while smashing his fists on the desk and cried out the name…Renée….

He sat on the ground….amidst the carnage of the room and held his head in his hands. He kept playing in his mind all the terrible things they were doing to his precious Renée, and this caused him to feel…..pain. He felt true suffering for the first time in his adult life and it was something he couldn’t cope with it. It was beneath him to feel anything like this or to do anything like this…but Renée wasn’t beneath him. He knew he had to save her. He stood up and brushed himself off and put a cigarette in his mouth….his hand was shaking so much from the rage as he tried to light it.

 The door opened and Herrman stood in the door way….he looked terrified….not from what Hans had done….but from the state he was in.

“Ich habe keine Wahl … Ich brauche zu retten Renée… aber ich bin kein Held, nicht wirklich“

(I have no choice, I need to save Renée….but I am no hero, not really)

Herrman bowed his head in silence and turned away from Hans……

Kamila fell to the ground in a painful thud. Blood poured from her mouth and nose. She didn’t cry out in pain, just coughed blood and rolled around on the ground.

“Wow you can really take a hit” Donny threw a piece of metal covered in Kamila’s blood across the room and held out some cloth to her to wipe her battered face. She sat up and gently dabbed her lips and nose.

“Now we wait I guess….get your clothes nice and ripped and stuff this in your stockings…..don’t let us down” He kicked over the gun to her and she slowly placed it down her stockings… Donny picked her up roughly by her arm and looked at her.

“I’m sorry Donny….he just”

“I don’t wanna hear it….I liked you girl…I really did” the look of both insanity and sadness burned from his eyes at her. She looked away from him as his grip tightened and he pulled her out of the dank room. She felt sick…..enraged…..tired and hurt. What she would give to be in Hans’s arms right now….to feel his warm caring embrace. But it was time….

Hans trailed the woods carefully…..he held his small firearm close to his body. He always preferred using his hands to kill, but he knew this would be the only weapon he needed. Leafs crunched underneath his boots…and his heart hung heavy in his throat, he feared for what he would find when he finally reached exactly 4 miles into the woods. The noises of the nature around kept him on edge, like he wasn’t already tense enough….the fear of finding his beloved dead was enough to send him to insanity almost. He invisioned her smile….her scent and the way her hair flowed down her back like a beautiful blonde waterfall. He smiled slightly to him self and straighted his hat with his free hand. The first night they made love was something of a perfect night. The best sex he had ever had….or ever will.

“HELP ME” Echoed off the old dark trees and towards Hans. He stopped dead in his tracks. The noise came from straight ahead….not far from where he stood…..he was close….he wanted to run…but knew all to well that this was not a rescure mission anymore….it was a trap. He didn’t come alone however despite instruction. Men were trailing half a mile or so behind him. Hans Landa is the most profound detective the German army have ever had remember. He knew full well that this “rescue mission” would end in bloodshed…he hoped for Aldo’s blood….his blood and only his, for he signed the letter, he ordered her kidnap. However he knew that they could just be waiting in the trees, pointing a sniper rifle at his head, But his love for his woman was too strong to not at least prove to her that he would die for her, and he would a a million times over if it showed her the true extent of his love. He would walk the globe for her….to find her…to be with her. He continued on a little more….his pace sped up a little…..he grew anxious and angry.

“OH GOD SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!” she continued to call out….she sounded in pain….but at least she was alive. He said what the hell to stealth and began to run the rest of the way….he reached a small cluster of trees and pushed his way through….the branches snagging his coat and hat, they both tore off him as he found himself looking down at the broken bloodied Renée.

“Don’t come closer Hans….they’ll shoot us both” Hans wasn’t going to run to her aide. He was scanning the area and trees for men, Aldo’s men. He saw nothing….but the evening was setting in fast. He kept his gun close to him….

“Renée…what have they done to you”

“You shouldn’t have come here Hans…their going to kill you….you should have just let me go…”

“How could I…. Renée you are my world….I have to prove that I truly love you…..I would die for you….” He began to walk towards her slowly.

“STOP” she screamed….he didn’t….suddenly she pulled out her pistol from her underwear and pointed at Hans….shaking….tears pouring from her eyes down her bruised swollen cheeks.

“Renée….what are you…”
“SHUT YOUR MOUTH…just stop….don’t make this any harder” She began to stand up slowly. Hans then raised his gun to her….his eyes losing its light fast….


“I thought I could do this….I thought I was so strong….So brave…you know the night you came into the tavern….I thought I could just take you round the back….smash  your skull in….but I couldn’t….you just…took me over completely. You know you  think you know yourself….but then someone comes into your life….and changes you” Hans said nothing…but the hand which held his gun began to shake….

“I love you Hans…that’s not a lie….and never has or will be….I fell for you hard, and that’s why….before all this gets started….the bloodshed….I will be honest with you because I owe that to you….my name is not Renée….its Kamila Szoma…..that’s right….Polish born Jew standing right in front of you…..you fucked a Jew….and you liked it” Her hand steadied as his shook more. The look of disgust came across his face and she shook her head, the sadness in her eyes grew deepers….as she feared he would regret the things they did. She didn’t….she couldn’t.
“You say you love me…..you still love me now?”

“How did you get into France….” Was his only response….he was more concerned with the how and what for, typical Hans.

“Before the occupation….word was you weren’t getting into France….boy was I wrong…and I paid some good hard earned money and got some perfectly forged papers…Henry doesn’t know I’m an enemy of the state…..so he is none the wiser” She had to protect Henry….after everything. “I escaped Warsaw during the invasion and fled to France…..you would not believe what I had to do  to get here…..I ate the carcass of a  fallen comrade to survive…..but when your precious Führer invaded France….well I had to stay…I had created the life of Renée Allard and I liked it….”

“You’re lying…this can’t be”

“Oh but it is….and my mission was to kill and bring your scalp back to Aldo the Apache…. But I was compromised….and I couldn’t kill you….I wasn’t going to kill you Hans….I wanted to be your wife….bare your children…..”

“How could you though…..you lied to me… you cannot love someone who you aren’t truthful with…..even I know that and I’m dead inside” His hand stopped shaking….and he raised the gun higher to her head.

“You love me….I am Kamila… Renée was just a name….not the person….you fell for the Jewess barmaid….”

“NO….STOP IT” He shook the gun about in rage. Her words were not calming him….just enraging him more….but she knew he wouldn’t shoot her…right?

“The Basterds found me after I had killed two more  German soldiers….wasn’t hard…I enjoy doing it more than I should….you could say I am the first female member of The Bastards….and even now….I  can see that you still love me….I can see it Hans”


“Don’t deny it…..and this is what makes this so fucking hard…..this was a trap…..they expect me to kill you…..but I’m still not sure I can do it…..but one of us has to die Hans…..and I know it’s not going to be me……come to me….my sweet…..” She began to walk towards him.

“I will kill you…..just because my heart is telling me to forgive you…..my judgment isn’t completely clouded girl”

“You knew all along I wasn’t right….but you still fucked me….loved me…..cared about me…..you are not…going to….” she kept walking towards him…

“I REALLY DON’T WANT TO DO THIS! STOP…..STOP IT…..STOP IT!” He cocked his gun….but she kept walking.

“THEN FUCKING STOP ME THEN” She raised her gun to his head and more tears poured from her eyes. Her voice cracked and wheezed. Her heart was beating so fast it almost burst from her chest.

“I love you…..” He said….in an deep emotional whisper, and in one swift motion aimed at her body and pulled the trigger….twice. Everything slowed down….he saw the bullets fly from his gun and penetrate the pale perfect flesh of Kamila. She was thrown back and blood flew from her in a dancing motion.  She dropped her gun and fell to her knees in front of Hans….looked up at him cupping the blood pouring from her abdomen.


He dropped to his knees and grabbed hold of her…and cradled her body…it grew colder.

“I’m sorry…..I….”

“It’s ok…..I hoped it would be me who had to die anyway….I couldn’t live in a world without you my darling…please forgive me…” Her bloodied hand stroked his cheek….tears fell from his eyes  as he wept deeply…blood smeared down his cheek as Kamila’s life slowly slipped away and her arm dropped down heavily.

“I do….I forgive you….” He mumbled to her kissing her head.

“I love you…”then the light in her eyes faded….forever….her face stiffened up and she was gone. He held her tiny cold body to his and rocked back and forth…sobbing deeply. He stroked her hair….staining it with more blood.  Once the other soldiers arrived they froze in shock. They scanned the perimeter for anyone else…..but night was almost complete upon them. They didn’t say anything….just watched the Colonel grieve deeply.

“L.T…why the fuck are we just standing here?” The Bastards hid in the overgrowth of the woods tactically.

“That man’s pain is going to be a lot worse than anything we can put him through….come on boys….it’s too dark to ambush now….first light….we ambush the nearest camp…after that I need a fucking good kill” Aldo began to retreat silently…..

 Hans didn’t move for hours…..the cold was cutting through the men…but Hans didn’t feel the cold….not anymore….he felt nothing…..and that how he would stay…..for the rest of his life….

the end